Why is my Singleness Devalued?

Has being single been down graded to selfies and desperate attempts at filling the void of being mate less?  We sometimes fill what we think is a void with people that we know are not good for us; just for the sex or to just say that we have a man/woman in our lives!  We sometimes try to convince ourselves that we’re happy; yet privately we feel trapped and miserable.?Being single is more than the approval of others taking a pole on how pretty /handsome we are through numerous selfies . Dating people that are just as insecure as we might be or their values are no where near our own is dangerous to having a healthy outcome! When did being single mean to settle for….whatever or close enough???

Well maybe we got off track , picking up society’s interpretation of being single  and panicked?. But there is good news it’s not too late for us to renew our minds and see ourselves as  God sees us first and foremost Psalm139:14. Seeing our own value is essential to being honest about whom we decide to let in our lives. Our happiness begins within ourselves not determined by someone else. When we have toxic thinking towards our singleness we will surely settle for anyone that flatters our ego. Singleness was and still is an appropriate approach to working on self wholeness with or without a mate??