Life Coaching

Where Are You Headed?

With all the craziness going on in the world around you; be present but not distracted! This is important because your path to purpose depends on this statement. Let me say it again be present but not distracted. Stay focused by thinking forward so that you can move forward. If you procratinate on your purpose in the middle of life getting cloudy you just might abort years of hard work getting off track. This just could have been the very time your purpose is and was needed. Don’t be discouraged its time for you to rise pass the real distractions that we encounter in life. Get back in the car of your journey toward purpose; check your rearview mirror proceed with caution and drive forward toward your God given purpose and destiny. Why? Glad you asked because we need your part. Your part is important to make this world not only a viable place but a peaceful place to live. Whatever your purpose that God designed you with it is very important. Know that you were dedigned by God on purpose,through purpose, for a purpose. God is a God of purpose and He can’t make mistakes…people do! So I’ll ask you again…where are you headed? Right your vision , do your homework and move forward.
#TheInternalMakeover ?