Life Coaching

The Competition Virus


there is a virus going around that attacks your purpose. This thing is being disguised as something that God approves of.  Stay clear because it can infect you contaminating your purposed plan and path. God doesnt compete with Him self….people do.

When God is in the mix He uses the body of people with their vast and unique skill sets to impact the world. The toe may be arrogant enough to believe it doesnt need that foot. But guess what, it soon finds out it isn’t effective in the necks position.  Yet on that foot in the rightful position as the toe proper movement begins!!!

No need for pushing it’s way to the neck position trying to be seen ; only to find out He/She was not effective as the replacement for the neck. The neck was where it was designed to be and effective as the neck. Guess what? So was the toe!!! The value is not where you are placed : it’s in how effective you are in your God  ordained position. You were uniquely made to be who God designed and crafted you to be. You dont have to compete with anyone just be the best you and soar?. You have God’s permission?. It’s time to Rise!