Opposition That Comes With A Smile

When you’re moving forward some times opposition may come in a form of a smiling face?. Dont be alarmed… be aware and resilient. This kind of opposition is a subtle distraction that can deliver a powerful blow to your self esteem and path to purpose. Remain focused on the plan that God gave you, keep moving forward. God will remove the wrong people and add the right people so you can continue your journey.  We cant do our journey without God and those He sends to aide in our purpose. The smiling faces will be revealed as either genuine…or a distraction stay focused then you will see that the wrong smile is a huge conformation that you beloved…. are on the right path.  Keep thinking forward this will enable you to move forward just make sure your direction is what God intended…..not what man intends? Why? Because when God is guiding you the wrong smiling face wil have to deal with God because you’re following His lead! So keep thinking and moving forward….God will take care of them while He’s leading You. Take a breath He’ll make those crooked places straight. Don’t be discouraged, refrain from the distraction God’s got you?.