Its Exhausting Keeping Up With The Jones?

Is it just me, or do you find yourself getting sucked into the crab in the bucket game?? I mean really, I would be the first to tell you pump the brakes you’re entering into the bucket!!! What is the crab bucket?  It is that place of virtual entrapment, that takes you off course while you are trying to keep up with the Jones’s. When you get in this bucket you start transforming into a crab ,racing to see who knows all the right people, trying to get to the top before ” they” do. This births insecurity, hurt feelings and most of all loss of focus. You can get tapped because its addictive behavior which diminishes Godly character and integrity…no matter how we spin it. Last but not least it…is…Exhausting!!! I think I’ll climb out of the bucket and go back to finishing the house God gave me to build! I have too much work to do on my house to focus on the progress of yours. When we focus on what God has given us to do , we can collaborate, encourage and help one another ….without losing or destroying our own house.