From The Womb To The World

  • I witnessed the answer to why our young black men are so angry!!!This morning while waiting for my Adult son to come out of his home;  a black mother walking with her 3 black sons

( who appear to range in age between 3-9) began fussing at her eldest son who was walking in front of her holding the hand of one of his siblings. She caught my attention when she yelled at the top of her voice to the eldest son ” you can get the f—k out of my house and go live with your dad”. She continued loudly cussing him out as they walked down the street. I was so angry and I wanted to scream out to her thank you so much for preparing our next woman abuser….our next pediphile or our next murder. Your words maam started His day with humiliation, frustration and anger. Allowing him to get on the bus with a full stomach of wanting to fight back. So whomever he may encounter may recieve what he wanted to give to you?.

Yet this 8 or 9 yr old is expected to be a model student and push past the mental breakfast you served and focus on his school day! Really!!!

That’s how you send him on his day for the community to have to deal with the manifestations of your rants layered by you telling him what you wanted to say to his father?

Mothers , sometimes a boy needs a Mom while he grows through your bad days and disappointments in this life….because one day He will be a man who doesn’t like or respect women?. Because when his mom had a bad day ; it was his responsibility to father her issues about his dad being absent by recieving her insults ….just because she can?forgetting that he is just an impressionable boy….not yet a man??‍♂️

Time for an Internal Makeover so that we can help our boys reach manhood by at least having a sense of self worth from the womb to the world.???

We owe them that much??