Don’t Honor Someone Else Before Honoring Your Value

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this is the universal holiday that we honor the one we love. Typically for couples but also inclusive of  various other relationships. But the one relationship we tend to neglect the value of ….. is one’s self! Stop ?and think about that for just a moment.? Valentine’s day  is when we honor someone else’s value in our lives….when we don’t at times value our own worth!

It is not only unfair to yourself but to any of the relationships that you have. This creates  a foundation for a one sided, unbalanced  relationship that isn’t truthful.  When a person is afraid to acknowledge their self worth they try to hide behind being a victim. This seems to affirm that they dont deserve to be valued.  That is a choice easily rectified by being honest and true to yourself.  When you value someone else”s  worth above your own that opens you up to be mistreated, disrespected, devalued and that’s not love that’s temporarily filling a void ! Recognize your worth and respect it.  The only one you should value higher than yourself is God!!! When you do not value yourself, how can you expect  others to do for you what you refuse to do for yourself? This Valentine’s day give yourself a precious gift…you!❤?⚘?

Happy Valentine’s day