Don’t Focus On What They Do

When trying to think forward the worst distraction is focusing on what others do and not on what you should be doing! It’s your path you should be exploring, not comparing your dream to theirs.

Sometimes we dive into what others are doing because we have no idea of what we should be doing.  When you know your purpose sometimes the path begins by helping someone who can mentor you on your path. If you dont know your purpose you sometimes take someone else’s purpose for your own. When you discover your purpose you won’t have time to be distracted by what others are doing because fulfilling your purpose will take up your time and interest. Dont worry about what others are doing….what’s your next move? What is your plan? What are your goals ? Last but not least what is your reason for wanting to succeed? Your divine purpose will always bless others and it will be bigger than you! So see, you really do not have time to focus on what they do!!! Time to get busy or for some…get busy again?. Stop looking through the rearview mirror. Because when you think forward, you will move forward setting your purposed steps back on Your journey track.