Don’t Be Paranoid….Be Awake

We are in the season that the enemy comes as the Angel of Light!!! There are some that appear to be doing God’s will; but there agenda is self serving . If you’re not awake you will get confused and offended. The devil knows scripture too!!! The bible says when this happens even the very elect will be be deceived! This spirit is competitive and

manipulative. This spirit will convince you that it has your best interest at heart when its actions are contrary … if you’re  not Awake. Keep your motives completely pure in your thoughts and actions. Pray to the Holy Spirit for divine discernment in your thinking and actions. This spirit is charming and knowledgeable of scripture. That’s what makes it dangerous to the kingdom!!! Dont be paranoid just please stay awake by living Proverbs 3. God will read your heart and navigate you to higher and protective ground. God’s got you He just wants you to be aware of this enemy of His in this hour. Be blessed, trust God and above all…Stay Awake?❤??.