Depression Alert

Depression alert:

I’ve noticed an upswing in the depth of depression recently. This spirit is going for the jugular this season. Dressing up its tactics as sound and cozy. When we lean on our feelings instead of God we reinforce Eve in the garden of Eden when she was introduced to alternative facts that proved lethal to God’s plans for her..this spirit is not stopping at making people sad…he’s decided to strip you of your promise by proposing to you on bended knee that you and him make a great team. As he isolates you from what God designed you to be. Beware of this spirit because the bible said in the last days even the elect will be deceived. The atmosphere that he offers feels cozy but the truth is its dangerous. He told Eve if she ate she would not die but the truth was she died spiritually. This season he wants to connect you with religious spirits that fail you instead of you protecting your relationship with God. The depression spirit doesn’t want you to discover that your relationship with God is the key to unlocking your freedom from this spirit. It’s the truth of God’s word that makes you free….not alternative facts sent by the enemy of your destiny. It’s not to late to refuse this spirit. Just pray and ask God to open your eyes to what His plans are for you. Let Him send the right relationships and heal you from the wrong ones.???