Competition Should Be Left On The field Not In the Church

We live in dark and perilous times. That being said , we as believers should display God’s character and integrity more so now than ever; in all we say and do. Competition in the church is running rampant. The crazy thing is God doesnt compete with Himself. When He displays His intent for and through His body it was never to cut off His parts; it was so the parts could work together and produce a sound, a purpose through each distinct and beautiful part ….  His loving intent to humanity. A house divided cannot stand. For the world it’s about the bottom line, by any means necessary.  But with God He is the bottom line!!!. As His body parts we must remember not to twist the Word ( Him) to arrive….because it it is Him,  Jesus that should arrive. If we arrive we’ve gained the world at His expense just to lose our souls. This season let us remember that God wants us to succeed not by competing with one another as the world does. He wants us to succeed as Christ did through the intent and heart of the Father?. He does want His children to prosper but not as the world but as according to His Kingdom.???


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