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The Rose of Sharon Unlimited specializes in training and coaching programs for businesses. We have over 25 years of experience partnering with clients, developing positive practices, and offering general guidance. Skilled in counseling clients in issues such as career development, personal branding, love and relationships, health and wellbeing, and positive living.

The Internal Makeover

Discover the purposeful treasure within you! Transformational Life-coaching  workbook for those who are ready to  walk in their destiny. 

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Dress for success

Let us help transform not only your mind but transform your outer brand…Be the inspiration people are looking for!​

Life Coaching

If you are ready to transform your life...Sharyn Cordice is ready to help you take your life to the next level.

Keynote Speaker

If you are looking for a transformational Key-note speaker….Sharyn Cordice has the passion and zeal to motivate your team.​

"I've never even considered hiring a Life Coach, but after meeting with Sharyn her years of experience and expertise has helped me to get a new license on life. I can know see the glass half full opposed to half empty. Her coaching and guidance has allowed me to play at a higher level in my career " Sherry Hall, White Marsh, MD
Ms. Thomas
"Changing careers can be a very scary decision. When I departed from my 9-5 job of 15 years to join the Real Estate Industry, Ms. Sharyn helped me to realize that it is just as important to look the part; as it is important to know the part. Ms. Sharyn helped me to transform from just a jeans and t-shirt type of person to a woman who takes pride in her appearance and dresses with confidence. After my transformation, I could see myself not only selling $50,000 homes but $500,000 and even $1,000,00 homes. Thank you, Sharyn for your professionalism and pouring your years of wisdom into me." Monica Thomas, Pittsburgh, PA
Monica Thomas
Real Estate Agent

Let us help transform not just your mind but help your transform your outer brand...Be the inspiration people are looking for!

Dress for success helps the individual transform on the outside how he or she feels on the inside. You are your own personal brands. When you get dressed to go to work you are recognized based on how you appear. What does your outer appearance say about you? Let us help transform not just your mind but help you transform your outer brand…which is thy self.

If you are ready to transform your life...Sharyn Cordice is ready to be your personal Internal Makeover assistant.

This service provides an internal makeover called life coaching. A life coach is usually obtained by CEO’ s of fortune 500 companies. We believe that the startup company / individual can benefit from Coaching that helps you to focus and discover the hidden treasures that are within you. Life Coaching enables you to not only look like an entrepreneur but to truly become one. This service allows your dreams to blossom into reality through the internal makeover.

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If you are looking for a transformational Key-note speakers....Sharyn Cordice has the passion and zeal to motivate your team.

Sharyn is the author of The Internal Makeover. Sharyn offers a fresh perspective on life and helps individuals discover their dormant treasures which at times are hidden deep within. A master storyteller, she uses the lessons from her life to convey takeaways on improving a host of life, work, leadership, and interpersonal habits. With her unique ability to help people rebrand themselves, Sharyn established The Rose of Sharon Unlimited. She works with various artists, individuals, and companies to help them break out of old patterns, transform, and build something beautiful.

Topics would includes:

1. What is my part in team building?
2. Sometimes change is good
3. What does serving have to do with leadership?
4. Rediscovering me

Hello my name is Sharyn Cordice. I grew up in public housing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through my living, I can now identify with the importance of knowing who I truly am. Exploring my gifts and talents, finding the right attitude, and seeking the best strategy suited for my particular goals and visions. Therefore life has prepared me to be the ultimate servant, and now I am ready to serve you on your path to a new and transform life.

How we spend the day?

We spent 100% of our time helping people to find God in the reality of their living!

People 25%
Attainable goals 40%
Application 70%
Life 100%
Personal Growth
Professional Growth
Fresh Perspective